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Process Server Sacramento, CA

Process Server Sacramento, CA

Arrange service of process anywhere in Sacramento online
Sacramento Process Server

Immediate service of process anywhere in Sacramento online

The Sacramento Process Server Office offers a wide range of services of process to the public. This office is responsible responsible for delivering court documents to individuals involved in court cases ensuring that people receive notice of legal actions against them or involving them, in accordance with the law.

The documents process servers might deliver include summonses, complaints, subpoenas, writs, and other legal documents. In Sacramento, as in other places, process servers must follow specific rules and guidelines related to the method and timing of delivery to ensure that the service of process is valid and recognized by the court. This ensures that all parties have a fair chance to respond to legal proceedings.

Read more about Invalid Process Service.

For those interested in document recording, the Clerk/Recorder’s Office provides services for recording various court documents, including affidavits of death, homestead declarations, restrictive covenant modifications, and more. They also offer guidelines on the rules for recorded documents and how to transfer ownership of property.

Get help with all of your Sacramento process serving needs online with On-Call Legal. We handle all types of service of process assignments, no matter how challenging or complex. Just upload your documents and we’ll coordinate with our Sacramento network of professional process servers to get your papers served immediately.


Sacramento Coverage

Finding a reliable process server in Sacramento should be an easy and positive experience.  Our Sacramento network of professional process servers can get your documents served today!

simple online ordering in Sacramento

Simple Online Ordering

Add process serving to your court filing, or complete a stand-alone process serving order. We’ll make sure your service is handled by the right professional for your jurisdiction.

fastest service of process in Sacramento

Fastest Service of Process

Review notes for every service attempt online. Once complete, you’ll be notified by email and online and will have online access to your proof of service.

Arrange for service of process anywhere in Sacramento today

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The Best Sacramento Process Servers

Sacramento process server

On-Call boasts one of the highest successful process service percentages in the industry. We also have considerable experience, resources and expertise with summons and complaints, writs, garnishments, bank levies, subpoenas, small claims, unlawful detainers and much more, covering all fifty states. We are fully bonded, insured, and licensed.

Unlike other process service companies, On-Call our registered process server ‘s provide unlimited service attempts until your party is served or verified as an invalid address. If an address is invalid we can assist in professionally locating the party through our various sophisticated skip tracing methods at a fraction of the price charged by other companies.

Trust your documents to one of our extensively trained professional process server ‘s and/or licensed investigators to effect service of your process in as little as 24 hours or less. Our staff of process servers and private investigators are continually educated to ensure they remain current on codes and procedures for effecting service to ensure service is effected accurately pursuant to code.

We also offer Nationwide court filing services and messenger services to best assist your law firm.

“Hands down 👊 the best attorney service out there!”

– Vernon C. Tucker, Esq.

“Highly recommended! By far the best company we have used. Very fast service of process. Website is easy to use and the people there know what they are doing.”

– Ashley B

“They are very reliable and prompt. I like the ease of using the service.”

– Jay Rahimi

Why Choose On-Call for Process Serving in Sacramento, CA?

same day process server Sacramento

Same-Day Service

Need service in Sacramento today? No problem! We’ll have one of our professional registered process servers handle your order immediately.

Guaranteed Flat Rates

With On-Call Legal you don’t have to worry about hidden charges like mileage or fuel surcharges. We believe in transparent pricing so there’s no surprises.

Sacramento stakeout services

Professional Stakeout Services

Our registered process servers can stake out selected Sacramento address to ensure a higher likelihood of effectuating service on your target.

court filing Sacramento

Court Filing of Proof of Service

We can file your Proof of Service with any court, just ask!

Sacramento address verification

Sacramento Address Verification

Have an address in Sacramento, but not sure if we’ll be able to serve there? We can verify the address prior finalizing your order.

online access Sacramento

Online Access to Proof of Service

Easily access your account to view the finalized Proof of Service.

24/7 Online Tracking of Service

Curious as to the status of an order? Track your service in real time online.

Expertise in Evasive Parties

On-Call Legal has decades of experience dealing with evasive parties. Our process servers have many creative ways of getting the job done!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a process server?

A person who delivers legal documents notifying other people that they are involved in a court case. They can be any form of legal documents such as divorce papers, small claims, notice of being sued, etc. 

Can a good process server help your legal practice?

Absolutely, a good process serving company can streamline the litigation process for law firms.

How long does a Sacramento process server have to serve papers?

The person hiring the Sacramento process server can give the server the deadline for service as it is the plaintiff who has the responsibility of timely serving the legal documents on all parties.

What happens if a Sacramento process server can’t serve you?

A diligent Sacramento process server will show the court that he/she has made reasonable attempts to serve you. At that point it is up to the judge to escalate the situation further, the court can continue the case without the defendant and issue judgments against the defendant. It is always in the defendant’s best interest to accept service so that they can properly defend themselves.

How late can a process server come to your home?

While some states have certain times a server can effectuate service, there are states that allow service at any time of the day/night. It varies from state-to-state and continually changes.

How much does a Sacramento process server cost?

Rates for service of process can vary based on the location of service, how fast the documents need to be served and other factors.

What time can a process server serve papers in Sacramento, CA?

While some states have restrictions on service times and even restrict from serving on certain days or even holidays, other states do not.

How long should a process server take to serve someone in Sacramento?

The standard time for a process server to serve someone in Sacramento is 5-7 days. This can vary greatly between one process server company and another. The turnaround time can also be determined by the person placing the order for service.

We Provide Services of Process in and around Sacramento, CA

Have another city you need service in. We provide service of process in West Sacramento, Roseville, Folsom, Elk Grove, Citrus Heights, Davis, Rancho Cordova, Rocklin, Woodland, Lincoln and more!

Proud Member

Proud member of the California Association of Legal Support Professionals (CALSPro), National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS) and Serve-Now Network of Process Servers

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