Nationwide Court Services


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Court approved eFiling Vendor throughout California. Don’t want to mess with eFiling? Let our eFiling experts take care of preparing and submitting your eFilings on your behalf. 

comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive Coverage

We can file in all 58 counties on a Same-Day Basis. No matter which court, we got you covered!

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Online Status

Instant & Real Time Tracking of all Court Filings are available on our website 24/7.

Nationwide Court Services

Nationwide Court Services

These are the various tasks and activities that happen in courts nationwide. These are activities you need to do that involve the help of legal practitioners.

These services are designed to ensure the smooth operation of the judiciary and can include a variety of functions such as case management, legal research, document filing and retrieval, public access to court records, administrative support, and legal aid services. They may also encompass specialized services such as dispute resolution, mediation services, and support for self-represented litigants.

The goal of nationwide court services is to enhance the efficiency, accessibility, and fairness of the judicial process.

At On-Call Legal, we provide all-inclusive legal services for all. We’re passionate about service, alert to court rules and focused on accuracy and speed in getting the job done right. Reach out to us now, let’s hold your hand as you navigate legal waters! We are here for you!

The Services We Offer

At On-Call, we help with:

  • Document Management and Filing: We help you with filing, retrieving and maintaining court records. These are essential for any judicial or court process. 
  • Process Serving: We act as delivery men, ensuring that summons and subpoenas get to all parties involved in a legal proceeding. 
  • Court Reporting: We have legal experts who can act as court reporters. They provide transcripts of court sessions for reference purposes. 
  • Research Assistance: We provide support in legal research, taking the bulk of the work off you. This way, you are well informed of court processes. 

The Services We Offer

Why Us?

On-Call’s commitment to excellence is achieved by employing a highly trained and professional staff to assist with nationwide filings and court services.  By placing your trust in the hands of our bonded, insured and licensed company,  your State, Federal and Public Office filings are reviewed by an experienced court services specialist, proficient in the latest procedures and practices. Simply call our office for assistance with local rules of court and procedural requirements.

For your convenience we accept assignments via scheduled pickups, through e-mail or facsimile, and through our fully automated website.  Simply upload your documents through our web portal and our staff of trained professionals will assemble your documents, per local and court rules, and prepare them in accordance with your specific instructions.  Automatic status updates are subsequently provided through e-mail alerts, and conformed copies are accessible through our web portal for your retrieval at any time; a perfect complement to any green office.

Each assignment is given due care and consideration to ensure successful completion.  On-Call’s professional court coordinators are strategically stationed within the major local courthouses to further review all assignments before filing and to accommodate your last-minute rush orders.  Our staff members are extensively trained to accommodate Fax-Filing and E-Filing assignments. You can also count on us to provide the same level of excellence and precision for filings nationwide, through our extensive network.

With the ever-changing court infrastructure, rely on On-Call to stay abreast of the latest developments and relay them directly to you.  Subscribe to the On-Call Advisory Newsletter to receive the latest news and updates affecting the courts, including changes in hours, services, policies and procedures.  

Simply put, we are the best for you!

Why Us?

Impact of Nationwide Service on the Legal System

The efficiency of these services directly impacts the speed and fairness of legal proceedings. They are the backbone and pillars of the judicial system as they ensure that courts operate smoothly.

Reach out to us today to enjoy effective court services. We have expert hands who can help in easing you through these processes and ensuring that justice is served.

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