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Investigative Services

Legal Investigative Services

Choosing a licensed private investigator is essential for making sure you adhere to legal and ethical standards.

This guarantees that the evidence gathered is court-admissible and that client confidentiality is rigorously maintained throughout the investigation.

At On-Call Legal, our team is ready to provide you with immediate, expert assistance 24/7. Whether you’re facing a business dispute, personal injury, or any legal challenge, we’re here to help you navigate through it with confidence and ease. Contact us today!

Legal Investigative Services

On-call Legal investigators are professionals who serve as your needed support system. We go above and beyond for our clients, offering:

  • Advanced surveillance for a variety of clients including insurance companies, legal firms, corporate entities, and private individuals

  • From marital disputes to complex corporate fraud

  • Comprehensive background checks, including detailed social media investigations

We are ready to go anywhere, offer a full range of services, and act as extra support for your legal staff.

Methods Employed in Legal Support Services

These methods are the various ways the investigator gathers information. It often varies depending on the uniqueness of the case.


Private investigators may decide to play the long waiting game by observing and monitoring the activities of people involved in a case. During this period, they are not in a rush, they are observant of behavioral patterns that may give them clues. 

Background Checks 

It isn’t out of place for private investigators to want to run background checks on those involved in a case. It is one of the methods used in carrying out legal investigative services. 

Running a background check includes checking criminal records, financial history and pattern, and even family history. All these give insights to the way of life of the individuals. 

Doing a background check on financial history usually comes up during cases like insurance fraud investigations or lost or stolen property. For cases like infidelity investigations, a background check on family history will come in handy.


Interrogating those involved in a case is the most common method for legal investigative services. Here, the investigator probes and questions those involved in a case. From the responses obtained, private investigators can draw up analysis and conclusions. 

It is important to note that interrogations do not only happen in court.

Interrogation requires special skills to get the needed information from the individuals. This is why only skilled professionals should handle this job.

They know the best way to carry out cross-examination and get relevant information.

A private investigator can also carry out witness interviews. Their job is to get information from people and filter out information needed for the legal investigation services to make informed decisions.

Methods Employed in Legal Support Services

Document Examination

There may be a need for private investigators to check through contracts and documents, depending on the case. If the case centers on forgery and other fraud-related cases, this would be the go-to method. 

When documents have to be checked, you need attorney services. These lawyers are in the best place to assist with records retrieval and even document filing.

Digital Forensics 

In states like California, it is safe to say that almost everyone has access to technology in one way or the other. Therefore, it isn’t out of place that a private investigator would want to analyze technological devices for investigative services. Sadly, people have begun utilizing digital technologies for fraudulent practices. 

Key Investigative Services

Child Custody and Infidelity Investigations

In the sensitive realms of child custody and infidelity, we provide invaluable assistance. They utilize sophisticated surveillance methods to discreetly gather crucial evidence, thus empowering clients with information to make informed decisions.

Insurance Fraud Detection

Adeptly identifying fraudulent claims through targeted surveillance, aiding insurance companies in preventing substantial financial losses.

Background Checks and Due Diligence

Conducting thorough background checks and due diligence is a cornerstone of investigation services. This process involves a meticulous review of public records, social media activity, and verification of personal and professional credentials.

Missing Persons and Skip Tracing

Skills in database searches, public record analysis, and on-the-ground investigations are crucial in tracking down elusive persons and our private Investigators have what it takes.

Why Are Legal Investigations Necessary? 

Having evidence is the only way to win a legal proceeding. Investigative services assist in getting information to build compelling cases for the evidence. 

Why Are Legal Investigations Necessary? 

Some key reasons for legal investigations are: 

1. Fact Gathering 

Through legal investigation services, one gathers facts that help to build a case. Irrespective of the type of case, getting facts is necessary. By using any of the legal investigative services methods, you get facts that unravel the truth. 

2. Making Sure Justice is Served

The aim of any case is to ensure fairness and justice. Through investigative services, you get information that gives a clear picture of the case. 

It aids the integrity of the legal process and ensures that everyone is entitled to a fair hearing. 

3. Case Building 

Legal investigative services help build credible cases that can stand scrutiny in a court of law. It comes in handy in arguing these cases and persuading judges.

The stronger a case, the stronger the chances of it being swayed in your favor. 

The Process of Working with Private Investigators

Initial Consultation and Case Assessment

The process commences with an initial consultation to understand the client’s needs and objectives. Following this, a customized investigation plan and timeline are developed.

Ongoing Communication and Updates

Throughout the investigation, PIs maintain regular communication with clients, providing updates and ensuring the client is actively involved in the process.

On-Call Legal is Here for You

To compliment our certified process servers and our commitment to getting your papers served, On-Call employs licensed private investigators who utilize the most extensive, up-to-date nationwide information, databases, and private resources available for skip tracing and locating evasive defendants and other legal investigation services.  

Rely on On-Call to handle all your investigative needs, including: private, legal, civil and criminal investigations, judgment recovery, asset searches, bank account searches and surveillance. Providing you peace of mind that you have done your diligence in a case.

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